Month: June 2010

Nokia’s Next Phones and Operating System (Phones)

Posted by – June 25, 2010

Nokia N8
With the imminent release of the Nokia N8 and the new operating system Symbian ^3 – what sort of problems could Nokia fix and improve upon? Or rather what am I hoping they will resolve or implement in their next OS / Phones?

– RSS feed widget on home screen (ala The Sony C905 from Oct 2008) – Comfirmed in this video.
– Improved UI Design / Icons – read somewhere that Nokia were planning on a refresh before actual release?
– Improved Web Browser – the built in Symbian web browser has been poor for a long time – it needs to support email subject definition in email mailto links (it doesn’t understand the ? option).
– Improved sharing features – ie. Photo share to Twitter, FB, Blogger, not just OVI
– Built in Twitter client and home screen widget
– Improved battery life or sleep mode(s) – using the phones features often drains the battery too quickly.
– Have a screen that works outside even when battery is low (what’s the point in the light sensor if it doesn’t do anything?)
– PC software needs fixing – why are there separate apps for Nokia Maps loader, Nokia Ovi Suite, Nokia Software Updater, etc, why can’t these all be combined into one?
– Lots of memory (RAM) for multi-tasking, the Nokia N97 has 256mb* but only 73mb was available, the Nokia N97 Mini has 512mb with 277mb available to the user*, and the Nokia N8 has 256mb, but will it be enough?

Whilst the imaging options (filters – vignette, colour filters) look greatly improved (based on Mobile-Review’s look at the new OS), in the built in photo editor, it would be nice to see the same sort of Apps as Android and iPhone devices have – Photoshop for Symbian anyone?

The MP3 playback on the N86 is very good (much better than the Satio) and features stereo speakers which are useful for video playback – and it would be nice if this level of quality should continue (Unfortunately it looks like the Nokia N8 only has 1 speaker).

However, whether Nokia fans will continue to be faithful is another matter. Will they wait for the Nokia N8 to arrive even when numerous Android phones and the new iPhone4 are already available, and then if they do use the N8, will it be enough to encourage them to wait for Symbian ^4? Even as a Nokia “fan” I don’t know how much longer I will remain “faithful” to Nokia. Especially as the Android onslaught continues…

* Source: Wikipedia.