Month: September 2010

Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball with Scroll Wheel

Posted by – September 18, 2010

The Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball with Scroll Wheel is, rather surprisingly, one of only a few trackballs with a built in scroll wheel / scroll ring. Most other, if not, all other, trackballs simply do not give you the ability to scroll through web pages and documents. The Logitech Marble Mouse (£24), which is (was?) my personal favourite has 2 additional buttons that allow you to go forwards and backwards through web pages, and others have more buttons, but a scroll wheel? No* (It comes from a time when mice didn’t always feature scroll wheels, and it seems to have taken a long time for trackballs to have caught onto the idea!). Thus when I saw the Kensington for sale at Best Buy UK, for £21, and cheaper than the internet, I simply had to try it. (* Yes, I realise others have scroll wheels, but I’m not a fan of thumb controlled trackballs, nor expensive trackballs)