Month: November 2011

Sony MDR-570 Headphones Review

Posted by – November 18, 2011

Orange Sony HeadphonesSony MDR-570, £17.99, Amazon UK – Orange, stylish, nice texture, feel decent padding to the ears, gold plated socket, sound is fairly decent when heard without any reference point. BUT in comparison to the Koss Porta Pros (£17.99, Amazon UK) they aren’t anywhere near as clear, crisp, dynamic, or bass driven, and need more volume from the source to match the volume level of the Koss headphones. They also need quite a lot of pressure (holding them to your ears) to get the best sound from them, they have a lot of treble at the top end, but generally sound muffled, and unclear, in the mid range especially.

Rating: 3/5. Good for value for money and good looks, not so much the sound.