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Lenovo K5 Vs WileyFox Swift Vs Moto G3

Posted by – May 24, 2016

So, there’s a new value smartphone on the market, replacing the entry level Moto G (the original Moto G was £129, and since then every new Moto G has been better, but also pushed up the price, particularly if you want 2GB/16GB, which pushes the price up to £160-£170), so Lenovo, owners of Moto, have now released a new “entry level” smartphone, the Lenovo K5, priced at around £129.

Lets see how it compares to some of the other entry level smartphones… We’ve recently been impressed by the WileyFox Swift, particularly when it’s been on offer for £99 instead of the usual £129. Perhaps the Lenovo K5 will also be be offered for bargain prices. Anyway, lets see how they compare, and we’ll also compare it to the Moto G3, which is available for around £129 – if you opt for the 1GB/8GB version…

Lenovo K5 (*Vibe K5) WileyFox Swift 4G Moto G (3rd Gen), WP
13mp camera
LED flash
5mp selfie camera
FullHD video
5inch screen (HD)
1.4GHz Octacore CPU (Cortex-A53)
2GB / 16GB built-in
MicroSD slot
Dual SIM (Optional)
Removable 2750mAh battery
142mm x 71mm x 8mm
Available in white, black etc
13mp f/2.5 camera, Samsung BSI
Dual LED flash
5mp selfie camera
FullHD video recording
5inch screen, HD, Gorilla Glass 3
1.2GHz Quadcore (Snapdragon 410, 64-bit)
2GB / 16GB built in
MicroSD slot
Dual SIM slots
Removable 2500mAh battery
141.15mm x 71mm x 9.37mm
Available in black or white
13mp f/2.0 camera
Dual LED flash
5mp selfie camera
FullHD video
5inch screen, HD, Gorilla Glass 3
1.4GHz Quadcore CPU (Snapdragon 410)
1GB / 8GB built in (or 2GB/16GB)
Single SIM slot
2470 mAh battery
142.1mm x 72.4mm x 11.6mm
Available in multiple colours

We’ve also compared the WileyFox Swift 4G with the BLU Life Mark 4G as well if you want another option.