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Android Apps Update

Posted by – December 30, 2009

A couple of Android apps that are well worth a look

Photoshop Mobile

An excellent, free Photoshop lite. Obviously it’s nothing like the desktop thing, it’s a few simple functions to allow users to improve photos with editing tools. Open it for the first time and it generates thumbnails, then simply tap a photo and then select ‘edit’ from the home menu. It then offers the following tools from three tap-to-pull-down menus:


Black & White

Soft Focus

The interface is very clever. For example, to add tint, tap ‘tint’ on the menu, then slide your finger over the image. Slide right to increase the value, slide left to decrease it. Very clever. Once done, save image, upload etc. Superb, simple, user-friendly.


A Google sports app. Who knew that geeks like football? Very simple. Install, open, select your sport, then the country, then the league, then the team. The app then runs in the background and pulls down live scores, providing periodic notifications. Great.


As a reader of Ebooks since the days of Palm I noted with interest recently that ebooks outsold paper books this Christmas for the first time. Aldiko is an ebook reader that has a great catalogue of freebies and will read Epub format ebooks. The interface is a virtual bookshelf and reading can be customised in terms of colour and touch controls. The only ebook reader for Android that is any good. Downloads are quick and there is a massive amount to read for free.

Android music apps: Droidify and Last.FM

Posted by – August 19, 2009

Android sports two music and Internet radio applications. Droidify is a client for accessing Spotify and it sucks because it either does not recognise my password or it crashes every time. Sort it out Spotify. I am a fan but this is just not good enough.

Last.FM works very well. It has a neat interface with options to listen to your library, recommended music or create a station as well as search. Some of the recommendations are real gems – artists and bands who don’t have a prayer in the regular music press or with the big labels. Perhaps that’s why the industry is so frightened of these apps. After all, the last thing they want is an open marketplace for original content when the same old crap will do. If you’re a fan of anything remotely unusual or alternative then this free app is a gem. I am sure Droidify would be another good freebie if the bloody thing worked.

I will definitely be buying music as a result of hearing it on Last.FM. Buffering time on 3G is under ten seconds and the audio quality is good, at least 192KBPS I would guess. There isn’t much to say about this really, except it does exactly what it says on the tin, and very well too. Keep it up fellas. Spotify had better shape up pronto.

Android applications: Beebplayer

Posted by – August 14, 2009

If you are an Android user then one of the first things you should do is download Beebplayer from the Android Marketplace. It accesses BBC iPlayer over WiFi AND 3G and also allows you to stream live broadcasts. Check out the quick demo video: