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WileyFox Swift 2, Swift 2 Plus Review

Posted by – December 28, 2016

The WileyFox Swift 2 and Swift 2 Plus are new “budget” smartphones with premium design and features. Not true budget, as they’re not around £100 anymore, but still budget in that the Swift 2 has an RRP of £159, (and was on offer for £120 for Black Friday), and the Swift 2 Plus has an RRP of £189, (and was on offer for £149 for Black Friday).


Both smartphones feature a metal build, with fingerprint sensor, improved speaker, and improved processor over the original Swift.

Swift 2 / 2 Plus Shared Features:
– 5inch, 720p screen
– Fingerprint sensor
– 8mp selfie camera
– 2700mAh battery (non-removable)
– DualSIM (2x SIM or 1x SIM and 1 MicroSD)
– Octa-core 1.4GHz
– Fast charging
– Gorilla Glass 3
– Weight 158g

Swift 2 features:
– 13mp f/2.? camera
– 2GB ram / 16GB storage

Swift 2 Plus features:
– 16mp f/2.0 camera
– 3GB ram / 32GB storage

You can watch an unboxing video here:


Performance tests:

Swift 2 Geekbench 4: CPU: 639 single-core, 1994 multi-core
Swift 2 Plus Geekbench 4.0.3: CPU: 634 single-core, 2002 multi-core

Swift 2 Basemark X Score: 15822 (Medium)

Swift 2 Antutu Benchmark: 46189, 3D: 7935, UX: 18863, CPU: 14648, Ram: 4743
Spark X Antutu Benchmark: 31676, 3D: 3268, UX: 12243, CPU: 11703, Ram: 4462

The performance of the phone is reasonably good, and the phone feels responsive in use, with better benchmark results than the Spark X. The Swift 2 Plus memory and storage is generous, however, if you’ve got a functioning phone like the Samsung Galaxy S5, which can be picked up for less than £100 second hand, then you already have a phone with better performance (and a better camera). I’d also seriously consider the Moto G3 (3rd Gen) if you can get it with 2GB/16GB, as it’s also waterproof.

WileyFox Swift 2 Plus Sample Photos:

Images are quite bright and colourful, but show noise in the corners of the frame, and noise from the 16mp sensor on the Swift 2 Plus affects image detail. The camera app has a limited number of modes, with only “Hyperlapse” and “Panorama” available. Although if you bring up the settings you can adjust exposure compensation, white balance, and switch between a number of different “scenes” including: HDR, ChromaFlash, OptiZoom, Action, Backlight, Beach, Candlelight, Fireworks, Flowers, Landscape, Night, Night portrait, Party, Portrait, Snow, Sports, Steady photo, Sunset, Theatre, Mono, Sepia, Negative, Solarize, Aqua, Emboss, Sketch, and Neon.

WileyFox Swift 2 Sample Photos:

If you’re hoping that the image quality from the Swift 2, with a 13mp sensor would be better, then unfortunately, you’re likely to be disappointed. Noise is visible in all images (when viewed at 100%), even when taken at the lowest ISO speeds, and even when taken on bright sunny days. There are other image quality artefacts that degrade image quality as well.

If you want a fingerprint sensor, metal build quality, and NFC, then the Swift 2 and 2 Plus are very good. It’s just a shame that the camera performance isn’t particularly good.


WileyFox Swift 2 Pros: (Both)
Metal body
Fingerprint sensor
NFC built-in
Fast charging
Gorilla Glass 3

WileyFox Swift 2 Plus Pros:
Generous 3GB/32GB ram/storage

WileyFox Swift 2 Cons: (Both)
Low-res (720p) screen
Non-removable battery
Unconvincing camera performance