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Must have apps for Windows Phone / Symbian (Phones)

Posted by – December 5, 2012

Recent events have led me to use both Nokia’s latest phone and operating systems (Symbian on the Nokia PureView 808), as well as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system on the Nokia Lumia 920.

As most people tend to have the same uses for mobile phones, such as twitter, camera, torch, music, etc, I thought it would be useful to put together a list of the “must have” apps for the platforms, and show what the most similar apps are on both platforms. If you want to add the Apple versions, please get in touch, or leave it in the comments, and I’ll add to this list. For android versions, have a look at this list.

Must have app Nokia Version Windows Phone Version
Barcode (QRcode) scanner UPCode Barcode Wallet (scanner and storage) / Scan
Last.fm Scrobbler* Mobbler Last.fm App
Twitter client Gravity (£8 – Well worth the money) Twitter / Seesmic
Torch App QTorch Flashlight with LED / Flashlight XT
Spirit Level Level Touch Another Level / Level
Battery Meter Nokia Battery Monitor (Ovi) Battery Level (suprisingly not built in!)
Panoramic Photo Nokia Panorama (N8 – unlimited shots?) Ztitch+ / Panorama (Nokia)
Keyboard entry Swype N/A
Photo Editor Nokia Photo Editor (Built in) Creative Studio (by Nokia for Lumia)
Phone Tracker Phonelocator Periodic Find my phone – built in, in settings
Screenshot “Best ScreenSnap 2.0” (link, or here) Built in (WP8) Press power and windows key together
Navigation Nokia Maps (Built in) Nokia Maps (Built in)
Navigation Customisation Own Voice (record your own voice)
WIFI Internet Sharing JoikuSpot Tethering / Portable Hotspot (Built in, settings, internet sharing)
Location information Here and Now (Built in) TripAdvisor (included)
Location aware profiles Nokia Situation (betalabs)
Camera based location info Nokia Point and Find (betalabs) Nokia City Lens
Task Management Task Manager (Built in, S^3)
GPS Based Sports Tracking Nokia Sports Tracker Runtastic / Endomondo Sports Tracker
Podcast Support Built into Music Player / Podcatcher (link) Built into the store
Alt. Music Players TuneWiki (link) Nokia Music, Last.fm, TuneWiki

* Can replace this with Spotify if you have an account as Spotify is available for both. Shazam / Soundhound is also recommended.

Recommended Nokia Lumia Photo apps: PhotoBeamer, CinemaGraph, SmartShoot
3rd Party Photo apps: Lomogram, Fantasia Painter Free,
eReader: Nokia Lumia: Nokia Reading, Amazon Kindle. Weather: Weather (by The Weather Channel)
Transport stuff: thetrainline.com (both), Tube Map (WP)

Find new / more apps for Symbian / Windows Phone / Nokia on, Nokia Betalabs (apps), recommended apps for Symbian on MobileRnR

Nokia N8 and Nokia PureView 808 Camera Phone Reviews

Posted by – July 30, 2012

DigiCamReview has reviewed the 12 megapixel Nokia N8 after using it for 18 months, while ePHOTOzine has reviewed the 41 megapixel Nokia PureView 808. Both camera phones run Symbian, and feature Carl Zeiss lenses, and Xenon flash – which helps massively in low light situations. Here’s what ePHOTOzine had to say about the 41 megapixel Nokia PureView 808:

“Looking at the detail resolved in these images, it shows more detail than 24 megapixel APS-C Digital SLRs, and provides very similar levels of detail to the 36 megapixel Nikon D800, albeit with more noise visible in the image.”

Nokia PureView 808 Timelapse Video

Posted by – July 1, 2012

The Nokia PureView 808 has a neat timelapse feature built into the camera. Some people call it interval-shooting, but it’s pretty much the same thing, you can choose how many photos you want to take from 2 to 1500, set the interval from every 5 seconds to 30 minutes, and you can even shoot at full resolution! Here’s a quick timelapse I took with the camera set to 5 megapixels and 10 second interval (I think 5sec or 8sec would make a smoother video), and I simply put the images into Windows Live Movie Maker (free download for Windows XP/7 etc), set the duration of each frame to 0.05, and saved the video. This is using around 660 images, 4:3 aspect, although next time I think I’ll try 16:9 so it fits into a video better. It shows 9.42 to 11.32, so just under 2 hours in 33 seconds. The clever thing is with the Nokia, is that it comes with a charger, so you could theoretically plug the phone into the charger, set it up on a tripod or other location, and keep shooting until you run out of memory in the phone – it has 16GB built in put you can also stick in a MicroSD card for another 32GB (a 16GB card can be bought for around £7).

Nokia PureView 808 Sample Photos

Posted by – May 26, 2012

Nokia PureView 808 WhiteePHOTOzine has published sample photos from the new 41 megapixel Nokia PureView 808 – Nokia’s flagship cameraphone, it features a Carl Zeiss f/2.4 equivalent to 26mm when taking 16:9 photos or 28mm when shooting 4:3 aspect photos. The phone features a 4inch touch screen, 16GB of memory, HDMI out, ISO50 to ISO1600, and lossless zoom, for example you can use 3x zoom when in the 5 megapixel mode, or 4x zoom when recording full HD videos. AllAboutSymbian has published their first impressions, including comment on where it fits in with regards to Symbian and the transition from Symbian to Windows by Nokia.